Pipeline construction Expert 7.4 according to EN


Pipeline construction Expert 7.4 according to ASME - Metric system


Pipeline construction Expert 7.4 according to ASME - Inch system


Technical software for pipeline construction.


Here I would like to introduce my latest versions of computer programs for pipeline planers, managers and pipe fitters for pipeline construction:

 "Pipeline construction Expert 7.4 according to ASME"

metric and inch systems.

 The program is developed according to

 ASME B 16.9-2012, ASME B 16.5-2013 and ASME B 16.47-2011


"Pipeline construction Expert 7.4 according to EN"

The program is developed according to  

DIN EN 10253-2:2008-09 / EN 10253-2:2007 and DIN EN 1092-1:2013-04 / EN 1092-1:2007+A1:2013

Working with all the programs is very simple and requires no special computer skills. Enter the required dimensions in a complete work plan, and the rest of the program calculates for you. You can print immediately all data you need to produce.

The program saves your time and money. In addition very costly mistakes can be avoided by error-free calculating.

Take a look at the program you want, download the corresponding demo version and see for yourself

The program only works if Microsoft Excel from 2003 is installed on your computer.

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